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IGNOU: Indira Gandhi National Open University has its way of analyzing the students. Along with the written exams, it asks for submissions of assignments on time. It even gives students a chance towards a practical approach of the course by asking for submissions of projects or practical’s from the students. These ways make the course friendly for the students and prepare them for the term-end exam. 

Importance and Weightage of IGNOU Assignments

The Assignment is very important for the students of IGNOU. You may be a student of any of the Bachelor or Masters course but you need to submit the IGNOU Assignments, If the candidate fails to submit the assignments, then he wouldn’t be allowed to appear in the Term End Examination. The weightage of the assignments is 30% out of 100%. 

When Where and How to Submit IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU students need to submit their assignments twice a year. This assignment is to be submitted in June and December. The candidate needs to go to the nearest study center and submit the assignments, projects, and practical files. The student has the option to submit the assignments either in writing or online.

Date of submission of the IGNOU Solved Assignments for December TEE 2023

IGNOU Assignment for December TEE 2023 exams can be submitted from the first week of August. The last date for the submission of the Assignment is 30th November 2023. 

Why select IGNOU Sarathi for Assignments

Our motto is to help the student prepare the ignou solved assignments in the best way. The students are guided on how to prepare the assignments and the limit of words is kept in mind. 

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Benefits of Assignments of Sarathi IGNOU

The benefits of Assignments from IGNOU Sarathi are as follows.

  1. IGNOU Assignments available on the site are prepared by experts.
  2. Utmost care is taken so that student gets good grades from them.
  3. The ways to present the projects are defined nicely.
  4. Point-to-point answers for the students to gain more marks.
  5. Clear and concise use of words.
  6. Proper guidance regarding the use of stationary and writing of the assignments.
  7. Prices of the projects and assignments are minimal.

Way to Download the IGNOU Sarathi application

By following the given steps, students can download the IGNOU Sarathi website.

  1. Go to Type
  2. Then select your course for the tab of select the course.
  3. Then select the session for which you are searching the assignment.
  4. After it, enter details such as your name, course, and year.
  5. After this you can get an entry.
  6. Then select your assignment topic.
  7. Then make a payment, and then you can access the assignment.
  8. Now you can download it and complete your work.
  9. So, in this way, candidates can easily get the assignments on time of the best quality. Sarathi IGNOU fulfills the requirement of the candidate as the priority and with it, the candidate can achieve to get good marks in his or her result. So, choose Sarathi and be at the top.
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